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Bojnice 2016

Kulturne centrum Bojnice, 6.-13.8.2016

We are preparing Chess Festival Bojnice 2016 on the beginning of August:
• Round robin GM tournament Banicky kahanec - part of Slovakia Tour
• Open Bojnice - open championchip of Region Trencin
• Tournaments in blitz and rapid chess

More information you can find in the invitation: Invitation

Online transmission and results:
Online games
Banicky kahanec - Slovakia Tour
Open Bojnice

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Chess is more than a game

Chess has a long history of almost two thousand years. An old Indian wisdom says that chess is a sea where a fly can drink and an elephant can swim. There are many discussions about the real nature of chess. Is it a game? Chess is played by two opponents but it’s too serious for being a game. Is it a science? Chess needs scientific approach but it has no particular purpose like other sciences. Is it an art? Chess player puts his soul into each move and makes it aesthetic but the game depends on opponent’s replies. Is it a sport? Playing chess games that last up to six hours requires excellent physical condition, endurance and a strong desire to win. However, chess is not a sport.
Chess is a pleasure that develops creative thinking, memory, imagination, precision and will. 
The fascinating thing about chess is that it can be played by everyone, from small children to seniors.

Chess prepares for life

Complex and fast changing world requires still more from each of us. Quick orientation and decision making in difficult situations is the key to success.
The essence of chess is the assessment of current position and comparison to similar known positions followed by the decision making about the applicable plan and approach.  
Chess teaches thinking under unusual circumstances, analysing each problem, finding a realisable plan and following it. Every chess player learns to use systematic thinking in real life which is very important especially for children and youth. It prepares for solving problems in real life.

Chess is modern

Today there is much more money in chess than it used to be in the past. The most significant influence on popularisation and commercialising of chess had the world champions Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov. Nowadays, chess professionals play several leagues in different countries, travel around the world from one competition to another, publish articles and books. Chess is a very hard profession but it offers all benefits of a modern civilisation including information and communication technologies. Computers and internet play an indispensable role in chess. In 1997 for the first time chess computer defeated even the human world chess champion. When preparing for a match, chess players are using databases of chess games and strong computer engines. It is possible to play chess both against computer and via internet against opponents from other countries. This is an important advantage of chess towards other sports like football or tennis that can be played on a computer only as a simulation.

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