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Our values

  1. We play fair.
  2. We win if possible. We lose if unavoidable. But we always play fair.

  3. We play one language.
  4. We are open to the world, tolerant of others. We struggle against injustice.

  5. Chess players are nice people.
  6. We deserve a nice environment for our hobby. We are protecting it.

  7. We are one family.
  8. We make our club life rich. We come up with new ides.

  9. We improve our performance.
  10. We increase the quality of our trainings and invite top trainers. We help each other.

  11. We are proud of being chess players.
  12. We respect traditions and our ancestors. We present ourselves.

  13. We support young people.
  14. They are our future. We take care of them.

  15. We recruit new members.
  16. There are chess players who share the same values. Our doors are open to them.

  17. We are independent and creative.
  18. We play the game of kings that prepares for life. We design and implement development projects.

  19. We are humble.
  20. We are grateful to those who support us. We know how to thank.

Prievidza 13. 01. 2009

Ing. Ján Helbich
Ing. Martin Dobrotka
Ing. Martin Huba
Vice President

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