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Few words about Slovakia

For many centuries it was Europe's jewel, full of gold, silver and rich forests. Today, Slovakia is a treasure again - full of educated people and excellent business opportunities.

Slovakia is a small picturesque country in central Europe, protected on three sides by the Carpathian Arc and washed by the waters of the Danube in the South. The undulating relief of its terrain, with the silhouettes of hills and mountains ranges, the calm flow of rivers, the spur of the Danubian plain and the rocky ravines of the High Tatra Mountains, has shaped its inhabitants since ancient times and inspired the Slovaks on their way to Europe.

Four Slovakia's successful reforms (1. establishing own state, 2. from centrally planned to a market economy, 3. accession to the EU, 4. new currency EURO) cemented its position in the developed, market oriented world. Slovakia's unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level in five years and is anticipated to fall further; established foreign investors continue to expand their operations and new investors show increasing interest in setting up in Slovakia.


Chess Club Prievidza

The history of Chess Club Prievidza goes back to 1926. The first written record has been found in the newspaper “Náš kraj” of 1926. It says:

“The attention of chess fans has been recently drawn by two matches played by Chess Club Prievidza and Chess Club Handlová. On September 13 won Handlová 5½:2½, on September 27 won Prievidza 4:3.”

Further popularisation of chess in Prievidza region has been supported by simultans given by the famous chess masters:
22. 09. 1933                Salo Flohr (+35 =2 -1) in Handlová
30. 11. 1933                Alexander Alekhine (+36 =2 -2) in Handlová

After World War II started methodical development of chess activities covered by the state. Regular tournaments and trainings were organised by new generation of chess lovers, among others Štefan Sóska, Ladislav Ulbrik, Zdenek Teuschel, Jozef Kráľ and Blažej Majzlan. Chess players from Prievidza region became champions of Slovakia and Czechoslovakia, namely Július Janáč, Igor Gažík, Vítězslva Priehoda, Jan Babicová, Martin Huba Jun., Marta Kožová, Ladislav Dobrovolský, Andrea Cigániková, Martin Huba Sen. These days the most successful chess talents of Prievidza are Peter Michalík and Veronika Gažíková.

Since 2004 Chess Club Prievidza is managed by Martin Dobrotka, Martin Huba and Ján Helbich. In early 2009 we had 55 registered members, 50% of them are 18 years old or younger. We are currently the 6th biggest chess club in Slovakia. In 2007 Chess Club Prievidza invested 15.000 EUR of its own budget into the reconstruction of its premises and purchase of new chess boards, pieces and literature.

Chess Club Prievidza makes heavy effort towards popularisation of chess. We have 2 chess trainers for children and youth who train them 2 times a week. Each Monday and Friday there are rapid chess tournaments for both members and public.

Moreover, Chess Club Prievidza is publishing the only one chess magazine in Slovakia called Moderný šach (Modern Chess) and organising the only one closed chess tournament in Slovakia “Banícky Kahanec” (since 1965). In 2008 we organised the first Chess Summer Camp for children. In July 2008 GM Sergej Movsesian and GM Vlastimil Babula played simultans in Prievidza in the frame of the Summer Camp. The teams of Chess Club Prievidza participate in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Slovak chess league.

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